CO2 Emissions, London to Australia by motorcycle

I've done some research on my carbon footprint from this trip using a C02-emissions calculator I found on a German website, and I was quite stunned by the result. Travelling around the world by motorcycle seemed somewhat environmentally unfriendly. And although I could ease my mind my telling myself "come on... it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing", the impact on the environment has always been in the back of my mind.

The emissions calculator I used allows for fairly detailed user input, and it does differentiate between cars, car-shares and motorcycles. Most of all, it's NOT powered by a big oil company.

So – What's the result?


Fuel Consumtion:
With an average of 3.85 l/100km over the course of 50000 km, my carbon footprint was 5.37 tonnes of CO2.
A one-way flight from London to Sydney (17000 km) would have been 5.58 tonnes of CO2 for one passenger.

My motorcycle (BMW F650 GS Dakar) has a very low fuel consumption. Depending on fuel quality, terrain and travel-speed, I used anything between 5.2l/100km on a motorway (45.2 mpg imperial), down to 2.98l/100km (94.8 mpg imperial).
Had I ridden the bike on a more direct route (i.e. straight from Iran into Pakistan, and without the loop through Cambodia and Laos), I would probably have emitted about 3.3 tonnes of CO2.


Life on the road:
Whilst travelling, I either camped or stayed in cheap guesthouses, normally without air-conditioning. And since I was pretty much 'following the sun', there was no need for heating either.
Consumer behaviour also adds to the carbon footprint, as a lot of products travel a long way before they hit the supermarket. Once I had left Europe, I believe I mostly consumed products from local markets.


Add 3 flights on top of all this (Nepal to Thailand, Malaysia to Indonesia and East-Timor to Australia), and my overall CO2 emissions between Europe and Australia were pretty much equal to what the average German person uses over the course of a year.

(Comments on this are very much appreciated. I'm not trying to come across as the 'good guy' and I'm not trying to justify anything. I just wanted to find out for myself and did these calculations to the best of my knowledge – and I was amazed by the result!)