Wear & Tear

This is a quick overview of things I used on this trip (such as tyres and chains), and things that broke over the past 50000km. I didn't put in the obvious oil/air filters or brake pads

Metzeler Tourance (front)
25000 km, still had about 1mm of tread
Metzeler Tourance (rear)
26000 km, still had about 1mm of tread
Continental TKC 80 (front)
10000 km, still had about 2mm of tread
Metzeler Tourance (front)
25000 km, still had about 1mm of tread
Michelin Sirac (rear)
9000 km, run down until no tread left
  Metzeler Tourance (rear), Made in Brasil 8000 km, still had about 1-2mm tread left
  Pirelli MT60 (front) 9000 km, still going
Chain & Sprockets
DID x-ring chain (3x)
3rd one is still going
2 sets of sprockets
3rd one is still going
other bike things
3 rear shock absorbers
original shock gave in after 35000km total mileage, had new shock unit sent out to Kyrgyzstan (from Hagon)
    the replacement shock lasted until Australia, where I got it replaced on warranty (Hagon again)

the third shock gave up after only 4000km – 95% of which was on tarmac!
I now got a shock sponsored by WP Suspension, who are known for their good build quality

subframe bolts
sheared off three times, both sides, upgraded to 10mm, now with Heli-Coils
rhs indicator front
rhs mirror
Touratech replacement chain guard
broke off twice
rear hub
damaged by bearing, which was spinning freely inside the hubb
pannier frame
needed welding on lhs/rhs mount
  pannier mount points on subframe needed welding twice on both sides, reinforced in Ushuaia - needed welding again after accident
ignition lock
graphite powder worked so far
steering head bearings
1st set were gone after about 50000km into the trip
zippers not closing anymore
tank bag side panniers
zippers not closing anymore
broken screen
cracked in the middle, repair in Islamabad $250
broken power button
replaced keyboard unit to get it working again, $35
2 hard drive crashes
think it was a comm error between laptop & drive, not the rattling on the bike
Kensington Power Adapter, broken cable, then broken unit
Point & Shoot camera
too much vibration after the camera was attched to RAM-mount whilst riding, screws on motherboard had vibrated loose
digital SLR
screws on bottom of body have vibrated loose, repaired in Singapore
Camping Gear
zipper broken on both side
sleeping mats
seam blown on two mats