Fundraising for Handicap International

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With this trip I am trying to raise money and awareness for my nominated charity, Handicap International.

It was important for me to choose a charity which I can personally connect with. During my previous travels, I saw the devastating effects of unexploded cluster boms and landmines in South East Asia. Laos in particular happened to be a very sad experience, when a UXO_Laos worker was severely injured whilst clearing a site of unexploded ordnance.
The pictures on the right are from my visit to the Laos Provinvial Rehabilitation Centre in Savannakhet in Feb 2008.

Handicap International runs projects all around the world and are leading the international campaign for the ban of cluster bombs. They offer direct help to people with disabilities & help to integrate them into society.

I put a lot of work into this website – If you enjoy reading it, or if you're an overlander yourself & it helps you on your journey, I'd be very grateful for any donations towards Handicap International.

During the first part of the trip, I had a "win a photo print" raffle going for peopel who donated to my (now expired) fund-raising website. If you like any of the photographs from this overland around-the-world-journey: you can purchase a print. Just drop me an e-mail. 20% of the sales price will go directly to Handicap International.